5 Things to Do (Besides Facebook) While You’re Stuck Inside

Chicago Winter Storm

Leave it to your Facebook & Instagram friends from the West Coast and down South to rub it in with their pics & posts about how nice it is where they’re at (“wish you were here!”), while you’re in the Midwest or East Coast braving a megaton bomb winter storm that’s being described as a “polar vortex” (wtf?).

But you’re a G. You got prepared over the weekend, your boss & kids’ schools told you to stay home, and now you’re nice and safe there, alone or with your significant other. But don’t be a cliche, with your hot chocolate and catching up on Netflix. We’re thinking along the lines of a little self-improvement and getting a head start on some of those resolutions you posted online when you were hammered on New Years Eve. Speaking of which, you already were on vacation last week, so NO EXCUSES!

Let’s begin:

Home Exercise

1. Some Good Exercise

It’s time to make some space in the living room and make good use of this time inside. Don’t worry if you don’t have weights or machines. We recommend heading over to our friend Coach “Pain” Dewayne’s Facebook page (I know we said no Facebook, but this is important) and checking out some of his workout video classes. He’s also got some great nutrition tips & 30 minute-or-less regimens, so you’ll go back to work with a 6-pack and confidence when it’s safe outside again.

Evonamic, Chicago, IL

Bonus – Listen to Katrena Wize’s new single “Werk” for some added motivation.


Business Card Design

2. Design your new 2014 business card

You’re a DITY kinda guy/girl, so while the local print shops are closed and your favorite graphic designer is suddenly unavailable, might as well get some cards ordered. When the snow clears up, it’ll be time to get out and network again, collect leads, and impress your potential clients with a smoking new card. We recommend Moo Cards–they let you design quantities of the same card or individual ones so you can show off a portfolio of product images or creative designs.

Business Card Boredom? Not with moo.com!

Bonus – Go “mini”


Hoot Bows, Chicago

3. Plan a Themed Birthday Party

If you’ve got a daughter or niece, baby sister or cousin with a birthday coming up, today is the perfect day to plan her princess/pirate/fox/owl/monster party. These things take time and can be exhausting if you don’t plan ahead. Luckily, my favorite designer at HootBows.com is making it easier and funner than ever to do just that. Hoot Bows provides party favors and theme ideas anywhere in the US. But don’t take our word for it–go to the site and get started with a 10% off discount (use code THANKYOU at checkout).

Make sure you Like them on Facebook, too.


Website Design

4. Learn how to Design a Website

Build-your-own-site sites can be cookie-cutter and not offer many options, but coding and website building can be tough. Nowadays, there are tons of free & inexpensive options online, including Youtube videos & weekly blogs. I found a deal online from Excel with Business that’s pretty good–they’re offering an $800 course for like $80 bucks. Get started now, and you’ll have that new cushy web job you keep seeing on the bulletin board in no time.

Mix Drinks at Home

5. Make Better Drinks

Ok, learning how to mix some good cocktails isn’t necessarily on the self-improvement to-do list, however you’re family did give you a hard time at Christmas about your Egg Nog and sherry recipe. And ordering drinks at the bar can be confusing and expensive. It’s time to start entertaining at home (now that you’ve cleaned up the place–nothing else to do, right?). And don’t worry about going outside to class–the online versions are quick, cheap, and straight to the point–just like a nice Tequila Margarita at home.

Got some better ideas? Get in the box below.