Club Promoters: Everything You Need to Know About Event Flyers

Club Promoters: Everything You Need to Know About Event Flyers | Crispy Graphic Design

In this article:

  • What is the Purpose of a Party Flyer?
  • What should be included on a party flyer?
  • Designing the Flyer

Party Flyers. Expensive, tedious, brilliant party flyers. Even if people don’t print them out, everyone uses party flyers. The reason that they are so common is because they work.

If done correctly, they convey all the information that they need to about a party in a way that is both exciting and compelling-bringing more people to your event.

Whether you hire someone to pass them out on the street, email them, post them on your Facebook page or tweet them, party flyers are something that you will eventually have to deal with at some point in your club promoter career.

In this post, we discuss everything that a club promoter needs to know about party flyers.

What is the Purpose of a Party Flyer?

The purpose of a party flyer is to help spread the word about your party. Until recently, most promoters hired street teams to pass out printed party flyers to spread the word about their parties. Nowadays, the majority club promoter simply post their party flyers on Facebook, spread them through Twitter, email them, or text them.

Club promoters in places that have a large volume of tourist and out of town traffic (like Las Vegas or Miami) can still use street teams to pass out party flyers, but everywhere else the practice is not used as heavily anymore.

What should be included on a party flyer?

There are 5 basic things that you need to include on every party flyer:

  • Where the party is
  • When the party is (what day, what time it stars and what time it ends)
  • Info on any special attractions or performances (DJs, open bar, liquor sponsors, celebrity hosts, .etc)
  • The branding for your promotion company
  • Excitement

Basically, you need to include all the important information about the party and do it in a way that will be exciting and appealing to the crowd that you want to attract.

Designing the Flyer

In most instances as a club promoter, you will not be responsible for creating a party flyer. However, if it is your responsibility, then you basically have two options: 1) design the flyer yourself 2) get someone else to design the flyer for you, typically by hiring someone.

Unless you have an eye for design, access to lots of stock photos and some skill with Photoshop, I wouldn’t recommend designing flyers yourself. It will be time consuming (time is money) and the end result will not be as good. I recommend finding a designer that is within your budget, and that you can work with repeatedly. Finding someone that you trust to deliver a quality flyer on time will save you a lot of time in the long run.

There are a few ways that you can find a graphic designer to work with

  • 1) Ask around in your network – you probably know other club promoters, promotional directors, or club managers that have had flyers made– ask them to find out if they can recommend anyone. Note that this is probably not going to be the cheapest option, as nowadays you can hire graphic designers in other countries very cheaply through the internet (see option 2)
  • 2) Hire someone through the internet – This option is going to give you a lot of flexibility in how much you pay as well as what kind of quality you can expect.

More on hiring someone to design your club or party flyers

Whenever you hire someone, you will want to make sure that they can offer you the following things: A price that makes sense given your budget They can deliver the right aesthetic (or look) – one that will be appealing for the type of crowd you are trying to attract They are reliable and deliver designs on time.