1. Do you print in-house?

Although we do not print in-house, we work with some of the best vendors in the business. Our goal is to develop these relationships to provide the fastest, cost-effective and most reliable service or our clients at all times

2. Why do I have to pay a deposit?

Paying a deposit ensures that your order will be processed in a timely manner. It alo protects us from having time and resources wasted because of unforseen circumstamces.

3. Do you do rush orders?

If you send in your design request, we can have your proof ready within 24 hours if needed. However, we are not offering same day service at this time.

4. Do you accept other forms of payment besides debit/credit cards & paypal?

Yes! Your payment options are listed here.

5. Why should I choose you when other companies like 99 Designs or Freelancer can provide me with many samples from many designers?

When it comes to picking the right image for your idea, too many options can actually slow down the process. We believe ‘crowd-sourcing’ is a good thing, but we prefer connecting with our client in a more meaningful way so that we may identify opportunities that will help them long-term.


6. Why don’t you take orders over the phone?

By only accepting text-based orders, it protects our clients by providing a written record of their requests.

7. Why do certain jobs take longer when they seem smaller?

Our design & marketing services are completely customized for each individual client. Some jobs that may seem simple or have a simple feel may take longer because of the research involved, and taking the extra time to make your job just right. Much of the work that is not seen ends up on the cutting room floor.

8. I have my own printer or print company–can you just do the design?

Sure! That is not a problem at all. We are very flexible and can format any design for any job for any vendor!
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